Saturday, October 23, 2010

An unusual privilege

What do the kids call me?

It's always been Joe. The way they say it is so sweet. When Cadence was younger, she would say Joe and it sounded like Jew and I feel like the sound of it is always changing.

They think its really funny to call me Joey.

The hardest part is whether or not to have them call me dad. I don't think we have every really told them to call me dad, but should we tell them not to if they do?

This one is hard for me, because I would love to be their dad, but the fact is that I am not. They have a dad. Out of respect to him, I don't feel like we can tell them to call me dad. However, once Jessica and I got married, we told them that they have two dads and every now and again they do call me dad. We make sure they know that their dad is still their dad.

The hardest part about all this to me is that Joe is so detached. Everyone calls me Joe. I wish there was something they could call me that had some other special meaning. Its definitely hard to pour your heart and soul into the kids and not have them call you daddy or dad. It's one of those things that people take for granted.

To me, being called dad is a privilege.

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  1. i do love the way the say joe!! hahaha so cute. i had never thought about them calling you dad before... you make a good point, it is definitely a privilege. i think you guys are going about it the right way, though. so keep it up :)